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Markus Winter, General Manager of the family-owned Siethoff Hotel Group, feels exhausted. Concerned, his aunt Dorothea sends him to Marrakesh to their family’s luxury hotel so his daughter Leonie can care for him. What Markus does not know is that his ex-wife, Leonie's mother, Gabrielle, is also staying there.

Knowing her parents have not seen each other since their troublesome divorce, Leonie tries to stop them from running into each other.

Despite her best efforts, Markus and Gabrielle end up on the same bus. After the initial shock subsides, the two get along surprisingly well.

Meanwhile, Leonie’s relationship with her boyfriend, Ahmed, is on the rocks and he decides to move out of their shared room.

Shortly afterwards, Leonie learns that the hotel is in dire straits because the land on which the luxury complex was built was acquired illegally.

Despite his illness and the distraction of meeting his ex-wife, Markus is the one who saves the hotel. But now he needs a holiday – maybe with Gabrielle?