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The hotel magnate Markus Winter travels to Myanmar to establish a school for hotel management. Because of their numerous and successful past collaborations, Winter has tapped the architect Frank Simon to supervise the project. However, it gradually dawns on Markus that Frank is probably battling the symptoms of burnout syndrome.

In the meantime, the Royal Palace of Bagan is preparing a grand wedding. Businessman Georg Koerner awaits his much younger fiancée Anna, who is presently stranded at the airport in Yangon. She finds a ride with Hendrik Felden. 

Although at first the romantic adventurer and the aristocratic jetsetter have nothing in common, during their trip Hendrik opens Anna’s eyes to a world full of beauty and adventure.

Meanwhile, Georg is completely overwhelmed with the supervision of the wedding preparations – until he meets chaotic stylist Maria Schneider. Having come to Myanmar to find much-needed peace and relaxation, Maria offers Frank her help and it is not long before he is duly impressed by Maria’s energetic spirit.