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Dreamhotel TobagoDreamhotel TobagoMon 20. December 2010Markus Winter (Christian Kohlund) is going to the Caribbean for the 16th episode of the Dreamhotel TV series. Check out ....more
Exclusive Maldives picturesExclusive Maldives picturesWed 12. May 2010Check out some exclusive pictures from the set of the upcoming Dreamhotel Maldives.more
Phuket stars in TV seriesPhuket stars in TV seriesSat 02. May 2009PHUKET: Last month, the cast and crew of TV romance adventure The Dream Hotel celebrated completion of filming in and ar....more
Sri Lanka stars in DreamhotelSri Lanka stars in DreamhotelSun 01. March 200912 million viewers to see the beauty of the island through a fascinating love story shot on location in Sri Lanka . ....more